Sexy Livestreaming for Nanos

we were banned from nanocurrency reedit :( , it is a bad decision because in this country nanos are moving a lot. (we have the majority of the nodes in the world right now), we will stream anyways. be sure to follow us in reedit or chaturbate

Also you can join us to stream with bitcoins in

You can choose to pay for pussy, ass or full nude with the wallet´s QR, and we will see in real time. we will check the wallets live to demonstrate the speed of nano



At the live event she will do the following :
Flash tits
Flash ass
Flash pussy
Full Nude
Oiled Body

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ANDROID (beta)

Hi Guys
Me and my beautiful "friend" need some money to pay rent and college.

Zoe (22yo) started looking alternatives a few months ago. she worked at chaturbate and livejasmin but the way they works it seems off to me.

Then, as a fan of Nano/raiblocks it kicks me the idea to create a website where we can make some sexy things on live and get some xrb, and because the speed of the currency we will see instantly your donations.

So we will be making a show for all of you the 28 February in two sessions
1 session from 9am to 1pm (eastern time US east coast) UTC -5
2 session 6pm-12pm ( eastern time US east coast) UTC -5
(if all goes right we will make it everyday)

We receive donations beforehand, if you want us to do something special, just message us.

We cant arrange some private show, special outfit (schoolgirl, nurse,etc), cosplay (if it is at our hands to get it)

At the live event she will do the following :
Flash tits
Flash ass
Flash pussy
Full Nude
Oiled Body

Donations in Nano

Donations in segwit BTC

We will accept other coins like monero, ETH for private shows but XRB will be our forte because the feeless and instant transactions.